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The Making of SQUASH ~A Satirical Music Video By The Shameful Choir~

I've been wanting to make the Shameful Choir into an entity since first creating the character for REVENGE OF THE SUPERMOM last year. Now it's finally happening with this first music video SQUASH.


Soggy pumpkin, soggy gourd.

Vermillion vibrance, strong orange colour,

Ooze apricot, old carpet bag.

It's scary it's frightening,

Mush spewed out,

Citrine seeds, stringy goo.

Why do you torture me with gourd smell?

Gourds gone gooey, they get gangrene,

No more a fruit, nearly a fart.

Soggy pumpkin, soggy gourd.

Wet water pus-bowl, buried dead dreams,

Compost bucket is too far away.

Don’t drip brown fun on my shoes, they’re suede,

Have mercy, don’t sploosh on my hems.